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By Bye Huntsman Cain - Good By! Letter to Perry Iowa Speaks Out!

“Smart people learn things, so they change their minds.
Only stupid people never change their minds.”
Donald Trump

Iowa Voters Reward Santorum – Hard Work Pays Off!

By A. G. Belk

Staff Writter for rcity.us

Presidential Candidate - Rick Santorum


From my computer desk here in Cedar hill, Missouri, 63016...

Iowa Voters breathed new life into Rick Santorum’s campaign. They brought Santorum out of the shadows to the forefront. Yes, Romney won BY EIGHT VOTES . That is hardly a victory for a multi millionaire who is doing his second political tour in Iowa. Think about what Iowans said to Romney. They said we like a defeated senator from Pennsylvanian who campaigned from a pick up truck as much as you... 8 votes is hardly a win.

Romney went after Newt. Now Newt is going after Romney! Let’s see where we are after South Carolina. Newt wrote the book on not nice...

Newt was noticeably tired when he spoke to his supporters. It is clear if Newt doesn’t win the presidency now his health may prevent him from future runs. Newt finished fourth, so what? That is hardly the kiss of death for him. Newt got carried away when he surged to the top of the polls several weeks ago. He talked about how he would clean up the courts. That really hurt him. It sounded like a dictator. Bad move Newt!

Here is a hanky Governor Perry! GO BACK TO TEXAS! The reason you were served lukewarm soup by Iowa voters is because you couldn’t keep the heat up long enough to warm the voters up to you... It’s your own fault. You are your problem. You failed to capture veterans... Seniors... Your message did not inspire us. Honestly Santorum’s message was not inspiring either but his dedication to try to win without MONEY did! Perry as you learned, money does not buy votes. Governor your message of running America like Texas was really putrid! If Americans liked the way things were done in Texas we would all join Glenn Beck there with you. It’s OK to be proud of your state. It’s just that your state is Texas and the rap on Texans is that Texans do things bigger and better than anyone else in America. This maybe be true BUT your message offended Iowa’s voters... Romney gets away with this because his state does not do things bigger and better than everyone else in America. You and your proud Texas County Sheriff look. You were my choice. You were my wife's choice. Here take these little hankies from Iowa back to Texas with you...

Governor my wife Revi feels like you should stand tall and straight, lick your wounds and learn from the other politicians how to present yourself on the national political stage. Hire the best campaign consultant. Someone like Joe Tripi or Carl Rove.

One has to wonder if Ron Paul is crazy at times. Oh how I would like to support him BUT his foreign policy is so out of whack and so dangerous... He will trudge on like the good doctor he is... Many of us hope his message of cutting government drastically catches on. It doesn’t sound so crazy when Ron Paul says it.

Bachmann is courageous and determined and dedicated... It’s now more about her message than winning the presidency. Like Ron Paul she has a message. She wants her message heard! She wants to be a broker at the Republican convention. This morning she announced she was leaving the race. She may also have her eyes on VP. so why stirr things up...


What it all boils down to is Romney is a much better politician this time around. He is polished. Yet he did not do any better than when Mike Huckebee came from out of nowhere to defeat him the last time in Iowa. If Santorum is to challenge Romney he had better give his best performance the next several weeks. Newt will rebound! There are so many debates in January. It would not be a large surprise if everyone stayed in the race simply as a crap shoot if nothing else. Why not? There is plenty of media coverage in January...

A.G. Belk
Cedar Hill, Missouri 63016

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